Colors make the world beautiful. A great color or combination of colors can make your car look more beautiful than ever. But choosing the right color isn't as easy as purchasing a can of your favorite color. You need to know much more than that before purchasing a color for your car. In this article we're going to see what those things are:

Tip 1 - Select the right paint type

Before you go to your local store for purchasing your color, it's essential to know the right type of color for your car. Basically there are four types of colors that can be used for painting a car:

First type of pain is Acrylic lacquer. It provides high gloss finish and is inexpensive in comparison to other paints, which makes it suitable for first-time painters.
Second is Acrylic enamel. It's a tougher paint to work with because it doesn't lay down easily. Some acrylic enamel colors even require a clean topcoat.
Third is acrylic urethane, which comes with the toughness of enamel paint but is easy to apply. However, it has a drawback of being expensive.
Finally there are non-toxic water-based paints that are most frequently used as custom car paints and provide an even finish to your vehicle.
Tip 2 - Look the design of your car carefully

You may not realize it, but you should accept it - choose the wrong color and whole styling of your car will be lost. On the other hand, choose right color and the looks of car shine more than ever! While choosing the color for your car you should keep all the features, lines and design of your car in mind. There are certain colors that can make some lines and other designing elements of your car completely invisible.

If you don't want to change the color of your car then you should get the color code of your vehicle. Color code helps in describing an exact color so you don't get a different variation of your desired color. This code is stamped on the car itself in various locations. However, you may have to look for it because this location varies according to the manufacturer.

Tip 4 - Don't rely on samples or chip books

When purchasing your color from the shop don't ever rely on samples or chip books. Often samples shown in these samples are genuine.


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